You should never date your friend’s ex


He might sure have looked hot in his black formals or she might just look as stunning as ever in her new tube dress, but no, if they are your friend’s ex. The person might be good, with attractive looks and personality, but the idea on the whole is bad. Although they may have had relationship issues and split up, that little drop of tear from her eyes, when she sees you with her ex! Can you watch that happen?

Dating Freind's Ex

Things to remember:

Before you go all gaga over your friend’s ex, did you just think about:

  • They had just broken up. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve both gotten over one another.
  • Dating your friend’s ex might be a great shock to your friend and affect your friendship to a great extent.
  • This might also influence other people’s opinion on you, sometimes ending up in hatred.
  • What if it is just love or lust?

The good side

Sometimes, you may feel it really is okay to date your friend’s ex. There are few advantages of dating such people:

  1. Proper knowledge about another: Having been your friend’s partner once upon a time, you must have known the person quite well. Remember those times in the past, when you were actually arbitrating their fight?
  2. Better understanding: Hasn’t your friend cried to you the day they fought? Don’t you remember asking her to adjust a bit for him? Having seen their compatibility, you will be in a better position to understand your friend’s ex.
  3. Definitely not a stranger: It is the dream of every girl, to fall in love with someone who she knows all about, and not just a stranger. Well, that is why love marriages happen. Dating your friend’s ex gives you that incentive of knowing each other for long.

The negatives

Although we spoke about the good side first, there are lots of disadvantages that you really need to think about, before taking any further step.

  • Your friend will never be okay, although she pretends to be.
  • This may break your friendship, on terrible terms, affecting your interpersonal relationship with your partner.
  • What if he had lied to your friend, because of which they broke up? Rebuilding trust is close to impossible.
  • Either your friend’s ex or you might start comparing their old relationship every time you got into a fight. Trust me, comparison is the worst enemy.
  • You will certainly be judged for your actions. You may earn hatred among friends.
  • What if he did the same thing to you again, as to your friend?

So, do not instantly jump into decisions. Be clever and think patiently.