Age between 35 and 55: A period of emotional lows

Midlife Crisis
Midlife Crisis
Midlife Crisis

Most of the people in the age range of 35 to 55 which could be relaxed by a few years here and a few years there, are likely to be under the threat of crisis. This crisis has largely to do with the emotional disturbance and has bleak connection with any financial one.

The threats

This the period which could be observed as a threat and could also be observed as strength.

Even if these threats may not exist as big in shape as one could think of, yet there are many who suffer from them. Some of these are mentioned below;

  • A man who used to attract most forth bowmen in a party or even at his workplace could suffer from the fear of not being noticed at all. And this could not only come from his colleagues and the other ladies but from his own spouse.  The same feelings hold true for a woman too. So it is the power to attract many by one look seems to be moving away from one and hence generating a sense of rejection.
  • There could be many chores which both man and woman must have completed but there could be many they might not have. This pushes them to think of their passing by age and making the target and achievement even more difficult.
  • They might be moving away from the feeling of making love which could leave them with the thought that they are growing old.
  • They might be too engrossed meeting up their responsibilities at home and even at workplace and therefore, rarely find any time for themselves. It could lead to a frustration and boredom because they forget their own wishes and choices in the process of building up a family.
  • You may have left many things for your family and you be regretting for the same.

The opportunities

  • You can always observe your middle age as a sense of completion because you are settled with a family without whom you may not have a complete life.
  • Instead of looking at the misses you can look upon the achievements and feel happy that you could do so much within a short span of your career.
  • Give yourself a little time so that you don forget your real self.
  • You can think of either brining a change in your career or even taking up a course or a training that could rejuvenate you and give you the confidence.
  • Gather confidence and think about the strengths you behold, had his not been there you would not have been able to achieve whatever you have.

Midlife is a period when you are neither too old nor too young and hence at times you feel that you are running out of time or you could not live your life as per your choice. You must sit back and take a relook at the achievements you had to boost your confidence and gather courage to move ahead in life with a positive attitude.