For a Successful Relationship, Keep Your Ego in Check

If Someone Can Help You, They Can Help Themselves Too

When people become successful and their success stories are flashed for days by media. On other hand, commoners are often interested in knowing about the personal lives of the successful people. When people get fame, their behavior, and relationship speak a lot about their character. While many people think of staying alone for their successful life, they forget they will need love to survive in their life. Many success stories are followed by the break ups stories in recent times.

For A Successful Relationship, Keep Your Ego In Check

The Equation of Success

Success means growth. When a person grows, the success is not a fruit of single person’s efforts. Everyone around him/her pays something to bring this success. When good people get success, they bow towards world and express gratitude towards their contribution. These people are real growers and they grow from all side – socially, financially, emotionally and most important – they grow within.

When ego takes place of gratitude, a person starts to believe that he, and only he is responsible for his success, the core connection between hearts that were beating in harmony is lost.

When you believe that just you are the force to recon with for your achievements, that is exactly when your relationships cease to exist. For people who do not consider their loved ones’ contribution worthwhile in their success, and keep them aside of their fame, soon fall short of friends, family, and all social relationship.

When success shapes emotions, relationships are nurtured but when ego takeovers, the Relationship are bound to die.

Money And Fame Can’t Buy You Love

Money is the need for survival. Fame is the goal of people’s life. But ultimately, when you become selfish and forget the need of your loved ones, neither any money nor fame will return you what you lose. For several years, money can help you survive alone, but how long will you live without love and relationships. Relationships bought with money will stay for few years and soon you feel shortage of real connections, care, and that rare concern.

If Someone Can Help You, They Can Help Themselves Too

If your partner has been part of growth, he/she is part of success. But people get apart after get fame considering they have a brighter future, and they actually depart from their source of light that was brightening them.

If Someone Can Help You, They Can Help Themselves Too

Many partners give their life’s important contribution to their partner’s success and then their contribution is forgotten. Many actors who got famous forgot that their partners have sacrificed for to make them successful. In many stories, partners depart because ego of successful partner deprives respect to the supporting partner. History display that these partners have departed and found their own way to success. What these egos cost them? Love and support that once made their life successful.

Solution: Remain equal, be supportive and nurturing, but keep your gratitude in check too. Do not be so lost in success of only one that the other one (the better half) is left dissatisfied and eventually forgotten.