Gen Y: Do you know the myths about them?

Myths about Gen Y
Myths about Gen Y
Myths about Gen Y

Often, people talk about Gen Y and then they have a lot to share about them. Generally it does not start with a positive note; rather there is a hint of “not so good things.”

But, if you look at it from a wider perspective you will see that the most of the thoughts which are kept about them is a myth more than reality. We will discuss some of them:

Every act of theirs is short spanned:

On the face of it, it may give you an impression that whatever they do they are not into it completely. Everything is momentary for them. Be it a relationship, be it work, and be it anything else. But, the reality is if a Gen Y individual can play video games for hours, he or she can chat for the whole of night, and then the rest of the work can also be done with a long attention span.

They are superficial and shallow:

Many believe that these young adults are not very involved or deep into anything they do. It is all shallow. But, don’t forget it is them who keep up to their promises and make sure that a relationship lasts longer than expected. And this includes the work place too.

They are too career oriented:

All they want in life is a good career and a lot of money, but one must also analyse that they are the ones who have seen a broken family. They have undergone the pain of growing up with a single parent and they are they the ones who have seen their parents living an incomplete life. So, they prefer maintaining a balance between work and life. Again this is with the thought of being able to have a successful career as well as have a happy family life too.

They spend exorbitantly:

It may look so. But actually the cost of living, studying and spending life has gone much above than what it used to be years ago. Therefore, the money they are asking for is not because they spend exorbitantly but because it is the need of the time.

They are not loyal

Managers at work place have share that they have young employees who are quite loyal to them provided they feel secure and happy about their job. Gen Y is not to be blamed because they don’t get the same appreciation, recognition and security which they actually deserve.

They are highly demanding:

You can put the same thing in a different way that they are not demanding rather they are more aware of their rights and are equally aware of their responsibilities too, so to call those demanding would be a little unfair.

Gen Y is not as bad as they are projected to be. These young adults are preferred by the employers these days, because of the freshness in idea they hold. They are determined, and hold a high level of perseverance too. However, there will be change in personalities with changing society.