How To Deal With Unprovoked And Superfluous Progress Of Colleague



Heartening gestures of colleague and overseer becomes quite rewarding especially when you are presenting draft-marketing strategy for new products at a meeting. On the other hand, this situation turns out to be intricate when one colleague holds back approval and listens with utmost concern. Now, when such colleagues begin to deliver sarcastic evaluation of ideas you give that is patently wrong, it is obvious that your blood will rise.

It is like a hammer that drops onto your dreams for which you were working very hard, coming up to your goals and meeting your expected targets. Despite having incessant annual review, you were suddenly found in hot seat. Normally, there can be two cases allied with unfair criticism including one from boss and the other one from colleague.

Cope With Initial Response

Immediate response of an individual is very imperative and it has greatest scope to make things either worse or mush better. You can tag along some recommended approach in order to prevail over natural urge for expressing your anger.

¶        Remain Calm: Very first step you must follow to handle unwarranted advances of colleague is to remain calm and show your courtesy. Regardless of the fact that your emblematic slap is from boss or colleague, pessimistic criticism will always build up your anger and feeling of scantiness. Express of such emotion will unearth you into deep hole and proffer your critic a high ground.

¶        Repeat The Point: Do not pressurize yourself to have a perfect response immediately. In fact, calmly go over complaints of your critics back to them just to ensure that thoughts are clear in your mind.

¶        Open Both the Perspectives: Objective repetition approach can set your colleagues off the track and can even motivate them to backtrack. In such a case, you can go for one attempt and open real discussion or conversation of critique. By settling on this route, you can institute deference as key ingredient of conversation.

¶        Move Ahead Politely: Your censors hold insistence even after repeating the complaints of colleague. Now, it is time for graceful exit and that is definitely something to think upon before going forward.

Responsw To Critical Colleagues

Most excellent response you can give entirely depends upon situation despite the fact that your critic is colleague or supervisor. For colleagues, you can go after time-tested advice and can consider source. On the other hand, if opinion of your critic holds some decisive facts within company, then it is always worthy to do some hurting constraints.