How to identify true love

True love signs

13th May: Is it true love or not? Do you want to know the signs of true love in a relationship?

We will list some of the distinguishing signs of true love here. Let’s see these—

When the relationship is beyond the category of ‘just friends’, then it is time to know whether its true love or not. However, it can be quite tricky to know the concept of true love since it could be confused with attraction, lust or even infatuation.

True love—True love is nothing but an unconditional love. It has no place for the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. An unconditional love does not guarantee living without any fights or tiffs. True love signsRather, it simply means that the couple will survive the challenges and struggles of life together with the strength of love.

So, here we unveil the secrets of true love—

  • Loyalty—Being in true love means you and your partner are loyal towards each other. It has no place for cheatings, extra-marital flings or things like that. So, it simply excludes all those things that may hurt or exert emotional pain on your partner.
  • Honesty—Honesty is the best policy. And this holds true even in case of a true relationship. A true and a genuine relationship is based on the foundations of trust and faith. And it has no place for dishonesty or lies. Being open with each other is indispensable for a true love in any relationship.
  • Give and take—A relationship based on the foundations of true love requires give and take in love. You or your partner need not have any expectations of getting something from your partner or your spouse in return. That’s what true love really means.
  • Sacrifices—Both of the partners are making sacrifices for the wellbeing or happiness of each other. And this happens without the realization by either of the two, because it’s a natural ingredient of a true love in a relationship.
  • No room for jealousy—Jealousy is a complete no-no for any relationship based on true love. Love does not know hatred or jealousy.
  • Team—Partners may have separate interests. But the sign of true love is that both of them will vote and support each other in facing the challenges of life. In other words, both act as a team and not just individuals trying to bog down each other.