Love yourself the way you are

Love yourself first
Love yourself first

“Judging a book by its cover” is a common phenomenon in human society. And this is something that affects adversely, many such people who are not blessed with a “so called good look”.

The reality could be that somebody, who does not look beautiful, probably has never tried to look so. May be the person has been occupied with other things in life.

The issues faced by people who do not look beautiful:

  • People have a general tendency to give less importance to those with an “inferior look” than those who have a better one.
  • Those who do not look attractive may not be able to catch the attention of the crowd they enter.
  • Such people may also face ignorance from their own known ones because everyone wants to be associated with someone looking pretty.
  • When one looks for an alliance too, “looks” interfere with the decision of the other person.

The impact on the person

  • The self-esteem goes down making the confidence go down too.
  • One may avoid socializing and mixing with people due to the fear of being talked behind the back or being judged by the looks.
  • One may retract and prefer living in a shell rather than opening up in a social crowd.
  • The confidence to approach anyone may also go down.
  • The larger impact could be that such people may undergo depression or even start staying aloof merely thinking that they are not accepted or needed by the society.

Ways to love yourself

They say, “You can love others only when you love yourself”, and if this is true then, and if this is true then you must know the ways to love yourself.

  • Love yourself for the kind of person you are, if not physically but emotionally and mentally.
  • Love yourself for the kindness you behold and for the sincerity you maintain in life.
  • Love yourself for the achievements you have made in life, without being ingenuine to others.
  • Love yourself for the love and care you can extend to your partner which no one else can, and the way you dive into your personal relationship, the way you value them.
  • Love yourself for the wonderful work you do in your office, the cooperation you extend to your colleagues in need and the kind of congenial environment you offer to the people in your surroundings.
  • Love yourself for the way your carry out everything in life, the patience you hold in problems, the calmness you possess during stress and the ability to combat any difficult situation you come across.

As a conclusion we can say, loving yourself is an art. You can look more beautiful any moment you. All you need to do is to shell out money. But, loving yourself for the “traits” you have been gifted with or you have acquired over the period of time is quite important. A genuine person with not so good looks will run a longer race than the one with a comparatively better look but not so genuine approach in life.