One life, many tasks: The stress keeps growing for working women

Multitasking working woman
Multitasking working woman
Multitasking working woman

A recent study indicates that as high as 35% of the women in Waterloo Region are stressed out, in compared to only 20% of their male counterparts.

Most of the women when read these findings they were not found to be surprised. And unanimously they all found to be aware of the stress level a woman undergoes in the current scenario.

The multitasking personality

You pick any woman and see her lifestyle; you will realize that she rarely has any time for herself.

Even though she gets up early, you may not find her reporting to her workplace on time. This may give you an impression that she would have got up late. She didn’t, she got up very much on time, but had to prepare the entire house for the rest of the day.

She gets the children ready, she ensures that the house is neat and clean, everyone gets to eat on time and then she has to somehow dress up and move to her own work place.

There you will see her meeting the roles of parent, mother, driver, and of course a responsible working women who wants to add to the income of her family. This is again mainly because she wants to give a better future to her children and to some extent to have an identity of her own.

The beginning of the stress

The stress begins right in the morning when she got up because she started meeting small and big deadlines and had to run along with the ticking of the clock.

Her husband, her partner, her children and her boss or business partner, they all want the best from her somewhere forgetting that she is a human being who has her own limitations.

She is so sincere about everything she does that she wants to meet the highest level of expectations coming from every corner and in turn, she grabs a huge amount of stress for herself.

Many of these women run a parlor yet they are rarely seen to be beautifying themselves, because they run out of time.

The larger impact

There are women who say that they have forgotten the day when they could admire themselves in the mirror after getting ready for a party or even to the work place.

There are stories of women falling sick due to high level of stress; there are women who are not able to have their food peacefully in spite of feeding everyone else in the family.

There are women who forget their own dreams to ensure that the people around them meet theirs and live happy.

With growing demands, a woman’s role is not restricted to household work only. She is definitely responsible for the traditional role she has been playing for years now, and she has to meet the new horizon where she is supposed to be equal to her male counterpart. She is supposed to be the best in all spheres and cannot afford to miss any of her roles and responsibilities. To achieve all, she makes the best possible effort; she gains too, but at the cost of her inner peace.