What makes some celebrity maintain singularity for the whole of their lives?

Celebrity who remained single
Celebrity who remained single
Celebrities who remained single

There are celebrities who have been single for the whole of their lives. These are the people who belong to various professions, ranging from writers to doctors to actors and many more. They who are supposed to be understanding the society and human relationships much more than a common man himself does not get into a relationship which brings maze to the world.

Some of the celebrities who did not get married and remained single

  • Oprah Winfrey: The world knows her and she does not need to be introduced. She is a single woman who has a big group of friends. They range from school to her profession; she has had a few boyfriends too. Her partner who is there in her life for a long time now, is an educator Stedman Graham. She informs that she shares a spiritual cord with this man. And she also says that if they would have got married they would not have been together.
  • Diane Keaton: The lady is a director, producer, actor, singer and even an Oscar awardee. She is more than 65 and has remained single all her life. Though she had a few affairs here and there but never got married in her life. She informs that she does not see getting married in the days or years to come.

Are they single by chance or by wish?

The celebrities who are single may be so by chance or they may have chosen to be one for the whole of their lives.

Looking at their busy schedule one would actually have to think of a time when these people can sit back and think through their marriage. Probably they don’t have the time. So, it could be a combination of chance and wish both that keeps them away from marriage.

Are they too occupied to get married?

These people have many lives to live in one go. They are occupied with a lot of things happening at the same time. They keep chasing their dream and fulfill them one after the other. And the minute they complete one target, they set the next one. Amid all this they probably find it hard to think of getting married.

Are they scared of losing their freedom?

May be, because they have a real tied up schedule and if they have a married partner as well as children out of the relationship, they might feel tied up and entangled. They probably don’t want to compromise upon their freedom and break the tempo of achievement in their lives.

There are many celebrities who have chosen to remain single or never got the time to get married. They are so much into their public lives that they don’t even want to think of a personal life. Marriage is one relationship which is out of choice and not an automatic one. So, they choose pick the option which keeps them hassle free at least on the personal front.