Would you be happier shifting to a new house?

Shifting to a new house
Shifting to a new house
Shifting to a new house

Are you tired of being unhappy in the old house? Are you not confident of shifting to a new house?

Yes there are phases in life when you may get tired of living in the same house because you have suffered a sour relationship with your spouse. And yet, you are not too willing to move in to a new apartment because of your own reasons.

The memories associated with the old house

You may have memories galore with your old house. When you look at every corner of it, you find it telling you some story or the other. You must be remembering the days when you started your conjugal life, then got blessed with children saw them growing.

You may move to the writing desk when you sat down to write a note to your husband, the slab in the kitchen must be reminding you, how you made your baby sit on it so that you could cook.

There would be papers kept in the drawer reminding you about the efforts you made to get a mortgage and how you tried to save every penny to own your own nest.

There would be many such strings which would not let you move out of this old house.

The need of moving to a new house

The most important need arises when you get separated or divorced from your spouse. This is the time when you don’t have an option but to move to a new house.
It may also happen so that you are transferred to a city and that certainly calls for a shift in the house.

The feelings you come across while moving to a new house

You are used to staying in a house where you spent many important years and saw many phases of life. Probably you became a spouse, a parent and now you might be very close to becoming a grandparent. When you are coming to this new house, every single bit gives you a strange feeling. It makes you uncomfortable and makes you suffer from an anxiety due to feeling of unknown. You miss the comfort you had in your previous house for years now.

New house new thoughts

Sometimes shifting can actually prove to be a gift when you are trying to resolve all your old issues and you are making an effort to shed off all the pains you have been going through in the recent past. You may find a relief being in a new house because it would not haunt with the old memories. You may revive better with a change in residence.

Coming to a new house, leaving behind the old one could be painful since you have left it out of compulsion and not out of choice. However, it may help you in starting your life afresh if you can compose yourself a little. And probably this is the brighter side of it because it does not keep you entangled to the old memories rather allows you to take a fresh breath.