Reasons Behind Ariane Grande, Big Sean Split


Sean-Grande End their Relationship22nd April: For the very first time since Ariana Grande and her partner Big Sean split, she has spoken out.

Yes, she has confirmed her split with rapper beau of eight months, Sean. Both have been seeing each other for eight months. Meanwhile, both Grande and Sean have assured of remaining close friends and caring for each other as always.

It was in August 2014 that Ariana and Big Sean had announced being in a relationship. And they have been sharing their images to social media as well.

Reason or reasons behind Grande-Sean Split?–Now, the question that must be popping in many minds is what led to their split. That is to say, what could be the reason behind their parting ways.

Although, there is no official reason yet being given by either of them that led to their breakup. But still, it is being hinted that the hectic touring schedules or the singers could have been a reason behind their break up.

  • Justin Bieber—It seems that Justin Bieber who was carried away while being on the stage during the track Love Me Harder at an Ariana Grande concert, could be a reason for Sean-Grande split. Yes, Grande’s boyfriend Sean might have become angry over Bieber’s emotions towards Grande.
  • Age gap—Age gap between 27 year old Big Sean and 21 year old Grande could have led to their split.
  • Hectic schedules—Hectic touring schedules of both Sean and Grande might have led to the couple saying it quits. Overlapping tour schedules may have proven contrary to their relationship. So, this may have led the couple to end their eight month old relationship. A source has recently confirmed that the rapper Sean and the singer Grande parted ways as their conflicting touring schedules were likely to keep them away from each other over the next year.
  • Protective father of Ariana Grande—Grande’s overprotective father might have been one of the reasons behind the recent split of her with her beau Sean. As per the unconfirmed reports, Grande’s father Edward Butera was not very happy with her daughter’s relationship with Sean.
  • Other women pics on Sean’s mobile—Well, yet another reason being stated behind the end of relationship between Grande and Sean could be pictures of other women on Sean’s mobile phone. Grande saw other women’s pics along with flirty conversation around Christmas. This would have angered Grande.