A parent can devastate the relationship of the child with an estranged parent

Child poisoned against estranged parent
Child poisoned against estranged parent

Parent-child relationship is though pre-decided being a blood relationship, yet the closer picture of the same can be either made beautiful or tarnished with intentions. It takes a shape, the way it is nurtured and molded.

This is one relationship which can never be taken for granted. The child though perceives a lot many things, yet, his brain is soft enough to be molded for and against any person, even if it is his own parents.

Children are away from logic so they less of rational approach to the facts quoted to them.

Child’s relation with an estranged parent

Children associate with them who spend more and more time with them. This means, close proximity has a big role to play in establishing a relationship with them. Sometimes, the parents who are far away from their children actually fail to enjoy their attention. As a result, in spite of being biological parents they become strangers to their own children.

Taking advantage of this psychology of children, the parents who are fighting for the custody of the child, start preparing the child against the other parent.

As because the child is away from one parent and is close to the other so physical proximity gives security to him or her and he or she starts believing the parent who is immediately looking after him or her.

Children are brainwashed that if they prefer to stay with the other parent, they will be devoid of many comforts which they are enjoying now. They also scared that the care which is extended to them now will not be extended then and everything possible is done to ensure that the child starts disliking and hating his own parent.

Does it work?

It does work out in most of the cases. When the court’s decision in case of “child custody” depends upon the wish of the child, it can actually change the course of the same. The parent who lives with the child during the court case has a dominating effect on him and this used to fight the battle on the child.

Children are beautiful creatures who are away from “dirty games” of the society. Since they can be turned for and against a “belief “they are sometimes used as weapons to win and to make the other person lose.