Adequate sleep Key to Marital Bliss—Study

Adequate sleep Key to Marital Bliss—Study

Adequate sleep Key to Marital Bliss—Study

9th August: Adequate sleep is key to marital bliss, says a recent study.

As per the study findings, couples getting a good night’s sleep happen to be more satisfied with their marriage.

Adequate sleep Key to Marital Bliss—StudyAdequate sleep key to marital bliss—Adequate sleep key to marital bliss, a recent study findings reveal. So, if you want a happy marriage, then get a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep can help keep your marriage happy. It can also keep the marriage counselor away. This has been revealed by the latest study findings published in Journal of Family Psychology.

Sleep problems burden married relationships–Researchers for Florida State University recruited 68 newly married couples to note down how much sleep they get every night and how much satisfied they were about their marriage.

The experts state that up to one-third of married or cohabiting adults report that sleep problems burden their relationship. Jim McNulty from Florida State University (US) said that the universality of these findings is important.

It’s well-known that all people need sleep. And its regardless of the stage at which any couple is in their relationship or cultural context in which they happen to be embedded. Each member of the couple can get affected adversely by not getting sufficient sleep.

Significance of sleep–The significance of sleep is highlighted clearly in the study. It relates to self-control or self-regulation. And this has a direct influence on how married couples think and feel about their partner.

Nearly one-third of cohabiting or married adults say sleep problems burden their relationship, the researchers reveal. Several other studies have already shown that even partial sleep deprivation can be harmful on processes needing self-regulation.

Differences between couples’ sleep duration not associated with marital satisfaction differences—The study, however, made it clear that differences between couples’ sleep duration was not associated with marital satisfaction differences.

That’s because one couple might be getting more sleep than another. And this does not mean that the couple getting more sleep views their marriage more favorably, suggest the researchers.

Meanwhile, sleep does buffer the effects of some specific negative events as well as their evaluations on their general satisfaction with marriage.