Adjust Your Prespective And See Your Relatioship Bloom

Healthy relationship - halthy prespective - healthy communication

A relationship, like any other daily routine schedule also needs changes to keep it going strong and better. In a relationship changing a perspective is very important for partners to keep it going.

What perspective should women adopt for a healthy relationship?

Often girls and wives nag about how much time their male partners spend in office, with their friends, with the cricket and soccer matches. But ladies, think about it from your male partner’s perspective. Instead of constantly complaining and nagging about it, have a closer look into their lives and their views as to why they love these things. It is because meeting their friends gives them space to relax and unwind their way.

Turn nagging to providing options:

Since you cannot expect your male partner to share each and every guy thing with you and the partner needs to be a bit formal at least when he is with you. In such cases, guys catch up with each other because they can be truly themselves and talk about each and about anything in the world. After having developed a truly strong bond you can provide him with options to choose from. For example, when you need to ask about if he seems tensed by work you can ask,

“What do you think is more hectic work or the drive to work?”  Give him space and he will open up at his own pace.

Healthy relationship - halthy prespective - healthy communicationWhat perspective should men adopt for a healthy relationship?

Likewise, when guys complain about their female partners taking too much time on their make up and also for their habit of gossiping, they do not understand that it is their way of unwinding with their girlfriends.

Way to Change Your Perspective:

  • A good way of changing the perspective well is to tell partners the views and express you well rather than nagging and complaining. These negative traits of complaining will do not good to a relationship, but will in fact break the relationship easily.
  • It is true that women are more emotional and tend to think interconnecting everything while men are more focused, each partner can in their very own way express their perspective of anything which will make the other partner understand better.
  •  In addition to explaining your perspective, it is also important to reduce the misunderstanding which might cop up among the partners.

Perspective Change Helps Nurture The Relationship:

Bringing in newness in the relationship will also change perspectives and keep the relationship better and more fruitful. The partners will then enjoy the relationship and communication among them will be much better. So next time make sure before you start nagging, think and clarify among each other and hear it out to void miscommunication and misunderstanding. In this way both partners would understand the reasons better and what more, guys might really stop taking too much time on work and likewise women may stop taking too much time on makeup.