Alternatives to Divorce and their needs

Alternatives to Divorce
Alternatives to Divorce

When a marriage starts rotting and deteriorating, the only thing that comes to your mind is to get divorced. Some may drag on with the troubled marriage from sometime and some give up right in the beginning, leaving any hope of improvement tin the bond or relationship for that matter.

But, being a responsible person would you not like to consider the options and alternatives other than getting divorced?

For those who are interested in giving it a try before finally arriving at the “last” conclusion, the following liens could be of some help.

A few alternatives to divorce:

  • Taking help of a common friend or relative:

You can always refer yourself to a friend who is equally close to both of you. He can be a relative or a neighbour who knows the two of you since beginning and knows you in the real sense. Make sure that this person is “non-judgemental” and has a transparent approach towards you and your spouse. There are moments when you are not able to express your thoughts to your spouse directly, and many a times these are constructive thoughts. This person can help you not only in reaching your partner but also may come up with an advice which could possibly change your mind.

  • Talking directly to your partner:

You can always approach your partner directly and try and sort things out before taking any drastic step, after all losing is no fun, and holding on to the relationship could be one.

  • Taking help from a professional expert:

If you think neither you nor your friend can be of little help to improve the relationship, you can always move to a professional expert, either a marriage counsellor or a psychiatrist so that the damage can be controlled.

  • Separation

If you realize that things are not working out fine between the two of you, consider getting separated. This means, you can move to a separate house and live there so that both of you can realize each other’s importance and the mistakes you have been committing in the bond.

The need of looking for alternatives

In most of the cases it is observed that the “post-divorce” scenario is more devastating and painful than the longing one. Hence, there is no point regretting after you have already walked out of a relationship as vital s marriage. Some of the reasons for reconsideration are:

  • You loved this person and hence you got married, now if there are a few flaws too, you must try and ignore them and accept the person they way he or she is.
  • Both of you might be building up assets together for your future; getting divorced largely means the division of the assets too.
  • Your children are the biggest reason for you to reconsider your decision. After all, you will land up meeting the responsibilities only “part time” if you get divorced. And a child needs his or her both the parents always; he needs an intact family environment to grow happily. One should avoid jumping to the conclusive step of “divorce “and take a relook at everything around to save the family and his or her own peace.