Ambitious wife married to a less ambitious husband: A mismatch

Ambitious wife, less ambitious husband
Ambitious wife, less ambitious husband
Ambitious wife, less ambitious husband

There was this man who was fantasized by the success and ambition of this woman to the extent that he decided to marry her. They got married in spite of the man not being so ambitious like the lady. Things went on well for the first few days and then began the roller coaster drive.

Yes, any such marriage where the wife is more ambitious than the husband, the journey is never heard of to be smooth and easy going.

The ambitious wife versus less-ambitious husband:

The wife sets a target for her, meets it and then next time sets an even bigger target. As a result she has to devote more time to her work and profession, which actually eats into the private time. The husband meets his target and is happy with what he got, he wants to enjoy the rest of it and even next time he is ready to settle with the present achievement.

The wife wants to send her children to the best of educational institutions and is ready to put in extra hours at work for meeting the cost. She is ready to compromise with her emotions and even though feels bad about not being with her children for most of the time, she is satisfied to send them to a big school.

The husband believes that it is more impotent to be with the children than to send them to a big school. He does not mind settling them down in an average school where they might not get the right kind of education.

And at every point, you will see a difference in approach as well as handling of affairs of life.

The judgement of being right or wrong

It is actually almost difficult to prove whether the husband or the wife is right or wrong. Both have their own logic and preferences in life and hence they are working accordingly. It is important to send the kids to a good school and provide them with possible facility to grow better. At the same time, it is also important to spend quality time with them, because apart from a “good school” the kids need the love and affection of their parents.

Striking the balance

Probably, a couple like this when married to each other can make an effort to strike a balance between the levels of ambition coming from both of them. And this is the only way to make the marriage work.

Being ambitious or not being one is not a sin; however, it depends on the handling of issues. Both are right in their own ways and have logic but, a deep and rational thinking is required to run the relationship. SO, the best is to communicate, respect and understand each other instead of regretting to marry an ambitious or a less ambitious person. The solution lies in being peaceful not violent because violence will only cause destructions.