And this is why pre marital counseling is required


Marriages are a big step to be taken. A couple not only consults family and friends but also every other well wisher before taking this big decision of life.

However is every word of advice the correct advice?  Any person would disagree from this opinion as proper pre marital counseling needs to be taken. Thus, pre marital counseling needs to be looked into for the following reasons:

Premarital Counselling

It is the biggest decision of your life

When two people come together in marriage, they do end up taking a big decision for themselves. Marriage ties people with the biggest thread of sanctity and divinity. Thus, pre marital counseling aids better in such decisions.

Experienced people share their experiences

When you are getting pre-marital counseled, you are actually looking into someone else’s experiences to guide you. Thus, pre marital counseling helps big time in taking the right decisions as you are getting a piece of mind from the horse’s mouth.

It’s bigger than just a relationship

Marriages mean total commitment. Thus, when you are entering into a marriage, you are sharing a lifelong bond with that person unlike a relationship which can be considered temporary. Thus, marriage is a bigger responsibility, thus counseling is required.

You can weigh pros and cons

In a marriage, you are obviously in the position to weigh pros and cons about your relationship. Thus, counseling gives you the leeway to ask people before arriving on any decision.

Re-think your decision

When you decide to get married, you sometimes rely on your past opinions of your partner or may the opinions which your parents have about him or her. A pr- marital counselor will ask relevant questions to the partner which will give you a clearer answer of the decision to be taken.

Helps you take life-time goals

In pre-marriage counseling, there may be some questions which can get an answer to which may not be answered by others. If life-time goals require to be answered, a pre-marriage counselor can ask the right questions with regards to sexual life, babies or even about faithfulness.

Pre marital counseling is a safe option

It is not that you do not trust your partner when you do pre-marital counseling. It is just a safer and better option to be taken than worrying all your life if you should have re-thought.

Thus, pre marital counseling can help on many counts. It is how you take it that will help you understand what is to be done.