Announcing retirement to your spouse

Discussing Retirement with spouse
Discussing Retirement with spouse

When you plan to retire, the first person who should be taken in confidence should be your wife.Yes, because, she is the one who is going to face the brunt of it, rather she is the one who would stand next to you when you make this kind of an important decision of your life.

The reactions you may face from your wife:

  • When you are going to make an announcement on your “retirement” she may get paranoid. Not because, she doesn’t want you to take rest, but she may find it difficult to take the reasonability of the entire household after you have stopped working.
  • She may get used to know that there will be a change in routine which both of you have ben following for years now. She would be getting up in the morning to go to her work place, while you would stay back which would be emotionally disturbing her. Again, not that she doesn’t want you to stay back at home, but she might be uncomfortable about this fact.
  • All her life, even if she worked, she always banked upon your earnings for any emergency in life, now she would be scared to think that this support would not be there any more, after all there is a difference in using the savings and banking upon regular income.

Steps to announce your retirement

  • Before you make an announcement about your retirement, you need to find your own feet and gauge your financial status first. Look into the all the savings you made all your life, then evaluate the retirement plans to understand how much you would be getting out of them every month. Also, you need to evaluate if your savings and plans are enough for meeting any kind of emergencies without banking upon your wife’s earnings.
  • Gradually, you can make your wife understand that, you are no more willing to work full time because of the reasons mentioned by you. Take her opinion on this matter rather than imposing your decision on her.
  • You can disclose all your savings you have been making for separate needs of life so that she feels secured and confident about your decision.
  • You can make her understand, even if you are not working full time, you can sustain the needs on your own and even the emergencies can be handled by you without letting her take a lot many burden.
  • You can always assure her that you would be taking up some part time job or the other after you have taken a break for some time.

Retirement may seem to be an individual decision but, it is never so when you are married a have been taking the complete responsibility of your family. It is important that you share your thoughts openly with your spouse; after all she is the one who is going to get affected by your decision largely. You can live a happy retirement if you gain your wife’s confidence for the same.