Are you aware of the pinching truths of your relationship?

Pinching truths about your relationship
Pinching truths about your relationship
Pinching truths about your relationship

When you are in a relationship, you are so engrossed into it that you often forget about the hard truths around you. And these truths are nothing but very close to you and your relationship.

Some of such hard and pinching truths have been discussed below:

  • You are absolutely controlled by your partner: There is rarely anything that you can on your own. You have to seek permission or get his consent even before stepping out of the house too. You may think you are quite independent but that is not the case.
  • You are affected by the personality of your ex: Whether you want or you don’t, in most of the cases it has been observed that one adopts a lot of things in his or her personality from the ex-partner. This is not always for good but it happens automatically. Probably no one does it alarmingly, but since you have been staying with a person day in and day out and have shared every possible intimacy so you actually pick up the traits of your partner.
  • You are sticking around in your relationship: In the name of “trust” all you are doing is to drag on with a relationship which bears no “love” and “attraction”. You are too scared to come out of it because uncertainty is always fearful and that makes you stick to the same dull routine and even a relationship.
  • You don’t love your partner anymore: You would not admit that you don’t love your partner anymore but you are too scared to hurt him and hence you are carrying on with life.
  • You have an extra marital affair: You have been talking to a friend of yours more often than before and on a few occasions you have got intimate with him too. However, you down think that it is actually an extra marital affair because of the social stigma you may have to face. But, the hard reality is that you are in for another relationship beyond your marriage.
  • You have a superiority complex over your partner: you are doing well in professional life, and to the extent that your earnings are much more than your partner’s. Now, if someone tells you that you have a high head you may not believe him. The reality is you actually tend to have one.
  • You don’t mind taking troubles for your loved ones: You actually do mind doing so. You do feel tired working for the family and you are looking for a respite but you down want to own it up.

Many a times, there are situations and feelings that we are not exactly aware of. The reason could be either we don’t want to admit or we don’t want to face it, and some other times we probably don’t want to make people around us feel miserable. But, there is no harm in accepting the reality around us, after all it may help an individual to revive and get back to the relationship in an even better way.