Are you caught in a state of emotional turbulence? Would it not affect your marital bond?

Emotional turbulence
Emotional turbulence
Emotional turbulence

There are phases in life when you are under tremendous currents of emotional turbulence. The state is nothing constructive rather it is quite destructive. And it affects the immediate people around you, unfortunately the most affected is your own spouse.

The state of emotional turbulence

This state being destructive, you will always find yourself in a stressed mode, a negative attitude and doubtful sight to everything done by people around you, especially your partner.

You always doubt the forts made by your spouse and you would not be ready to believe the positivity and appreciate the good aspect of your loved one.

Dealing with the state

There are a few tips which could help you deal with this situation in a better way:

  • Count upon the blessings: When you find yourself in such a mood you must always count upon the blessings in life instead of what you could not get.
  • Don’t expect perfection: Avoid expecting anything beyond reality from your spouse. After all no one is erect and even your spouse is a human being who could go wrong, that certainly does not mean that he or she is a bad person.
  • Learn to let go things: If you keep everything to your heart and do not vent it out or even let go then the day will be soon when you will be up to the brim and could get flooded any moment. At this juncture you would not realize the difference between right and wrong and pour bitter words on your spouse.
  • Recollect the good memories: When you feel too negative about your partner, then you must recollect every such memory which was soothing and beautiful. This would help you to see your partner’s brighter aspect. After all a person cannot be all mistakes and flaws, there is something good about your spouse that created the bond between the two of you.
  • Avoid talking to your partner: it is better not to talk than to hurt your spouse. This would at least prevent sourness developing in your relationship. Allow this turbulence to pass out so that it doesn’t bring damage to your family life.
  • Learn to spend time alone: When you realize that you are about to bet drenched into an emotional state which is quite negative, then you must spend some time alone so that you can cleanse up yourself and revive.

Being too emotional could actually lead to a disastrous situation because one is not supposed to be away from rational approach in life. When you find yourself in such a state then it is better to calm down by allowing a little privilege and privacy rather than interacting with your partner and causing hurt and pain to him or her. The words coming out of your mouth would not be taken back and would leave a deep spot so avoidance is probably the better strategy.