Are you combating mistrust alone in your relationship?

Handling Mistrust
Handling Mistrust

Every relationship experiences a bad patch of “mistrust”, barring a few. Over the period of time, every bond has to stand the test in some way or the other. Sometimes, this test comes in the form of “challenges” coming from other sources, and sometimes, you may experience a lack of “mutual trust” in your chord.

If so, are you trying to sort things out alone? Are you trying to overcome the “mistrust” and build a trust worthy relationship all over again, all by your own?

If your answer is “Yes” then, you need to stop for a while and take a relook at things.

Can you handle the mistrust all alone?

It would be hard to revive the relationship if it is one of you working “for” it. And this is merely because, both of you “do not” trust each other. Hence, one person working to establish the same would only be “half of the efforts”.

Will it make a difference if both you work on the problem?

It surely will, because, the relationship is formed and tied together by “two people” and not just one. So, when or if there is a rough phase like “distrust”, both the have partners have to sincere if not equal efforts.

The willingness has to come from both of you, otherwise, one partner may land up taking all initiatives and one fine day you may wake understanding that it was only you who wanted to get things sorted out.

Can the relationship be revived?

A relationship which has developed a few misunderstandings here and there can always be revived with confession, open communication, willingness, sincerity and efforts.

But, the job will be complete in nature if the initiative is taken from both the ends. There are instances when even the “most difficult’ confusions and problems have affected a relationship only for a patch and not for ever. So, there is no reason for your chord to get a new life all over again.

“Mistrust” can crop in a relationship anytime in due course of time, however, the wisdom is to ensure that the “ill feeling” is cleared as soon as possible, for which both the partners have to shed their ego and move forward by taking equal steps.