Are you killing the spirit of your wife? Be aware, this is emotional abuse!

Emotional Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Emotional Abuse

Yesterday he hit his wife; the bruises could be seen on her body. It would take a few days to heal the scars.

On another occasion, he shouted at her and everyone could hear that, including the victimized wife. The shout was loud and clear marking an impact on her mind and soul both.

And quite often he neither shouts nor hits her, but, quietly gives her pain by not saying anything at all. Neither does he speak any good word nor does he expresses his anger, he prefers to be quiet and silently disapprove, disregard her presence as an individual. This is nothing but abusing a person emotionally.

The variety

Emotional abuse is caused when one is not talking to his spouse, or not praising her either publicly or privately. When the views and thoughts of the spouse are not asked for and never respected then it amounts to emotional abuse.

Wife in pain
Wife in pain

The deep impact of emotional abuse

  • The wife who is the victim of such a “killer” loses inner peace and is learnt to experience turbulence at all the times.
  • Her self-esteem goes down to the level that she doesn’t feel talking to anyone which includes her husband.
  • She fails to enjoy the pleasures of “physical intimacy” with her husband because somewhere deep down she has discarded him from her life. This kind of an intimacy is a matter of feeling close and comfortable which is possible when you trust and love this person. But someone who has been abusing you emotionally would never get this support from you.
  • She may find it difficult to make decisions in life because she doesn’t know what would attract her husband’s rejection and what would not. So, effectively she becomes an only a shadow the husband’s personality and almost stops thinking on her own.
  • She forgets her own likes and dislikes and merges the same with her husband’s one because she wants to avoid any kind of conflict between the two of.
  • She keeps thinking of a situation when she could come out of the marriage and be on her own, but, this seems to be only a wishful thinking.
  • She may turn out to be rebel with time, although she may not do it by making it too obvious.

The realization for husband

Any such husband who is abusing his wife either through words or by remaining silent must understand that he is not only hurting the personality but killing the soul and heart of his wife. And he should reciprocate the situation by entering into her shoes for a while and imagine the pain he would have gone through for something similar done to him.

Emotional abuse has no proof because it is either through words or many a times without words, but it leaves a deep impact on the person who bears it all. It detriments the personality of victim and could possibly make her silent rebel who may stay with her husband but is actually not living her life with him.