Are you really taking care of your working wife?

Tired Working Women
Tired Working Women

“Working Women” a terminology which represents the “women in transition” who used to take care of only the house hold and is now playing a “dual role”.

But, the two roles she plays to be a good “home maker” and a successful “working women” unfortunately do not equip her with “two brains, two minds, two hearts and two bodies.” She remains one single person playing multiple roles and meeting everyone’s expectations, or at least trying to meet them.

What happens when she plays multiple roles?

When, the woman who could be your wife is making all possible attempts to please you, to take care of your children, your parents and your house, and at the same time she has to meet the targets set in the office, she may tend to lose her normalcy.

Yes, it’s not abnormal to get “irritated, angry, depressed and even throw tantrums” when she gets dissatisfied with things around her.

Should you consider this to be her “failure” or would you like to sit back and think that she is trying to please all of you all and in the process she is losing her own peace?

What could be a husband’s perspective?

For many she may seemed to be failing but for a very few she may be needing a “little support” which you as a husband has to extend by walking an extra mile from the role of a husband to the role of a “true companion” who could comfort her the most by merely touching her through a few fingers if not by “hugging her”.

Should you take it or leave it?

This is a question which every husband of a “working wife” needs to answer. Leaving her would be nothing but another male dumping a “female” who has been trying to sweep roles and make a difference to the society by empowering herself.
“Taking it” would mean a little patience form your end, because when you return back home all you need to do is to “change” and watch your favorite show or read your favorite magazine. But, when she returns back home from her work, it means another job for her. For you it could be a “12 hour job”, for her it is “24 X 7 job” which she neither can take a break from. She doesn’t want to either; all she wants is a little corner on your shoulder and an “appreciating smile” which would boost her up with all energies enough to work for many more days to come.