Are you tolerating more than you should?

Tolerating beyond limit
Tolerating beyond limit
Tolerating beyond limit

Being in a relationship is actually a blessing. And to make an effort to be in the same is one of the most important requirements. To maintain a healthy relationship one needs to make as series of adjustments and compromises. But, one also needs to check if there is a limit to this and if one is crossing this limit or not.

A relationship and its limits

You may love a person more than yourself, and for this you go on tolerating with every wrong doing of that person. This could be because you always remind yourself of the commitments you have made to the person and the bond you share with him or her.

It is equally important to note that if your adjustment is taken for granted by your partner and you are tolerating more than you actually could.

The kind of atrocities you may come across

Over drinking

It might have started with a happy note on a weekend, but now when you realise that it has become a regular habit and gradually an addiction for your spouse then you actually need to check it. Either you should have checked it right in the beginning or you need to be firm now.

Over spending

When you started your association, your spouse tried to make you happy by buying you gifts every now and then. This habit of his has become an addiction again and he does not check his pocket or the budget before spending on you or anyone else for that matter.

Over travelling

He likes travelling so much that he is not bothered if you need him this weekend at home for some emergency or not. Check upon this habit especially if you think money is a constraint for both of you.

Over demanding

If you find your spouse to be over demanding in many of the areas, which also encroaches your privacy then you need to draw a lien somewhere. Do not confuse it with being transparent in the marriage. Every individual has his or her own small private world which needs to be secluded and separate sometimes from the marriage too.

Putting your foot down

When you observe any such trait in your relationship which may have begun with a lighter note, then either you should get a hint right in the beginning and deal with the issue when it is not too late. Else, if you fail to recognize the problem or calculate its effect in the long run, then you need to say “NO” to it immediately after you have taken a note of the same.

Tolerating the extremes out of love can only ruin your relationship and make things worse for you. It may take away your internal peace and may also leave a bitter taste in your mouth. You need to be careful no this aspect and make efforts to save the bond only without being too tolerant and allowing your partner to take you for a ride.