Are you violent against your spouse? Be ready to pay a big price

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

For all those who have been abusing their spouse, there is a message to note down. They have to put a control on their anger emotions unless; they are ready to pay a big price for the same.

The cost of combating domestic violence

Only a couple of days ago, Health Minister of the country informed that violence on spouse could be as expensive as more than $7 billion per year.  This cost includes the emergency measures that are taken to treat the abused and the loss of job which comes after one is being abused.

Out of this cost, almost $4.8 million is spent on treating female victims and $2.6 billion on male victims.

While addressing the 146th Medical Association General Council meeting, Rona Ambrose the Health Minister said that out of the above mentioned amount almost$6 billion is spent on providing medical services and psychological treatment to the abused.

The above mentioned study is based on Justice Canada report published in 2011.

Crime rate in country

Almost half of the women in the country are reported to have experienced at least physical or mental or emotional abuse.

There are more than 65% of people who inform that they know a minimum of one woman who have undergone violence in some form or the other.

A woman is killed by her spouse at an interval of every six days.

Every single day, more than 3,000 women are reported to be depending upon emergency shelter even if it for a short period of a night.

In spite of such a high number of cases happening all around, only 22% of them are reported with the cops and only 12% of them are being arrested.

The effect of family violence

Health Minister of Canada opines that this violence exerts a negative effect on personal, emotional and physiological health of a person apart from adversely affecting his or her professional life.

She also assured that the Government is committed to work on this issue and bring change in the statistics.

The reducing numbers

In the last few years, it has been observed that the number of such crimes has reduced. This largely due to increased awareness, equality in social status, more of education amongst women and their financial independence.

According to information provided by the police almost 49% of men and more than 50% of women are exposed at the risk of being abused.

Domestic Violence is a major issue even in a developed country like Canada. The data prepared and published by various studies is quite alarming and calls for a lot of effort from the Government as well as society. This is an issue which does not only affect the female gender but also the men folk. Therefore, measures are to be taken collectively for protecting both men and women. The numbers have come down though in the last few years, yet there is a long way to go.