Avoid the Past, Perfect the Future!

Ignore the past , make a Happy Future
Ignore the past , make a Happy Future
Ignore the past , make a Happy Future

The past is a forgotten story. It happened, days/months/years back. A good past brings rosy dreams but a bad one? It HAUNTS. But what makes a past memory ‘bad’? A fault, ignorance or merely misunderstanding can contribute in doing so. So why does it become so difficult to forget it even though it seems easy?

‘It causes wounds,’ says someone. ‘It’s just unforgettable’ says another one. But the real fact says that past memories are hard to ignore and mistakes, even harder to forget but once ignored and forgotten, can help build up a smoother relationship and a happy family life.

The common notion claims that it’s mostly the women who can never resign out of this habit and mention about the past even in the smallest of conflict. This somewhere stands true and makes the conflict turn into no less than a war. Avoiding this is not optional, but mandatory because looking backward defines life but looking forward makes it happy.  Letting the past echo in the present can cause inevitable troubles between couples.

  • It worsens the existing scenario.
  • It prevents the real issue from being discussed.
  • It adds to the list therefore adding to the resentment.
  • It leads to a never ending argument.

All these factors and situations are sure to pop in when one of the two partners is not willing to adjust with the past. This effort, in actual has no destination or end as the past is scribbled with the darkest ink which cannot be removed ever.

For all the ladies going through the same crises in their relationships, need to just take it easy! All those who say its normal, are right. Also, all those who say it’s not burdensome are not wrong either. Some simple steps and simpler ideas if adopted can easily shoo away even the smallest chunks of past which stand as mountains making the relationship unhealthy.

  • The past if occurs in any one of the partner’s mind during a disagreement or fight, should not be expressed.
  • The other partner should not be portrayed as an enemy. Learning to accept is what helps every time.
  • A spouse/partner can best support to overcome the past rather than battling with it all alone.
  • The past is gone, the future is yet to come, what’s now is the present, start today! Says Mother Teresa. Go by it!

Past memories do no good, especially the negative ones. They only help form wrong perceptions about people and make the situation so slippery that it begins to slide out from our hands. Accept change as it is the law of life and build a happy future!