Avoiding Alimonies upon Divorce


Relationship issues are the most common yardsticks in understanding healthy/unhealthy relationships. Family bonding is a strong characteristic in gazing whether a person is ‘into it’ or ‘out-of it.’ Strong interpersonal relationships go a long way together than the others in which comapatibility and intimacy issues pop-up. A point in time arrives when we can’t take anymore and want to move out of an unhealthy relationship and divorce seems inevitable.

But wait..!!! Do think again, divorces are often associated with a hefty amount of alimony to one’s spouse. So, it is strongly recommended to seek parental advice and guidance from professionals including Relationship Counseling for rebuilding trust, before one move forward with divorce. If all is done, then surely there remains no other way to read the trailing lines in order to try and avoid the alimony part associated with divorces.


Before starting it may be pointed out that alimony laws vary from countries all over the world. Certain relationship issues, family bonding issues, compatibility issues, love or lust issues, live-in relationships etc. are governed by varying degrees of the law. Interpersonal relationships going wrong or intimacy lost or lying and infidelity or deception make a strong case for alimony free divorces. Beneath are few tricks advised for alimony free divorce and should be used on a case-to-case basis with proper judgment.

Prenuptial Agreement: When two persons from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds develop interpersonal relationship, there is always a big question mark upon the compatibility between them. Being a Love or lust or only a live-in relationship; prenuptial agreement is not recommended. But if marriage is taking place, one should wisely make a cautious effort to get into a prenuptial agreement with the spouse, so that incase of relationship getting awry and amounting to a divorce the alimony is pre-settled and accepted to both.

Adjustments: When already bonded by marriage, relationship issues owing to family bonding, compatibility, deception, lying or infidelity etc. may creep in slowly. A renewed effort of rebuilding trust may yield no result and lead to divorce. In such cases one may apprehensively try to modify his/her lifestyle to a one of lower grade then his/her spouse’s. This may result in a low or no alimony at all.

Infidelity: Lying or infidelity or deception of partner, if proved can easily lead to waiving-off of alimony attached with divorce altogether.

Taxes: If one pays taxes for some inherited property of the spouse, it is most likely to get subtracted from the amount of alimony to be paid upon divorce. Thus for a lower alimony pay the taxes.

Remarriage: Marrying off the ex-spouse frees oneself from further payment of alimony money. Thus providing dating tips to the ex-spouse and making him/her enter a relationship of intimacy can put an end to this alimony as the later need not be paid upon remarriage of ex-spouse.