Being in healthy relationship works wonders for spouse

Happy relationships

19th July: Is your relationship with your spouse a healthy relationship or not?

This is a question that many of us seem to ask ourselves. A strong relationship is the lifeline for any couple. It helps in improving various aspects of our life. But, if our relationship is not working, both of the partners are in for a big trouble, sooner or later.

So, herein comes the importance of healthy relationship.

Essentials of a healthy relationship–For getting an answer to this question, we need to know what exactly is meant by a healthy relationship. For a relationship to be healthy and a happy one, it must have following qualities. Let’s see which are these qualities—

  • Trust—Trust is the very basis of any healthy relationship. Without trust, no relationship can survive longer. If you and your partner or spouse trust each other, then your relationship is certainly a healthy one.
  • Respect for each other—Mutual respect is another vital characteristic of any healthy relationship. Any relationship without mutual respect is bound to fail.
  • Communication—Communication, they say, is the essence of life. And it is equally vital part of a relationship too. Trust and faith becomes strengthened when both the partners are comfortable while expressing their desires and fears alike. And communication includes common gestures like eye contact, holding your partners hand.Happy relationships
  • Managing differences—Managing differences or conflicts in a relationship is the key to a successful and a happy relationship. Disagreements and differences are an integral part and parcel of any relationship. But the wisdom lies in the ability to manage such conflicts amicably. A good relationship has no place for negative feelings.
  • Listening—When both partners are ready to listen and understand the feelings and desires of their partner, the relationship is a perfect match. Good listening is key to a healthy relationship.
  • Supporting each other—Be ready to offer help and support to your partner. That’s the essence of a long lasting bond. In such a case, both the partners will get what they require.
  • Separate identities—Both partners should be ready to compromise if they want to stay in a healthy relationship. It does not, by any means, mean that you should lose your identity. On the contrary, the need is to understand that all individuals are unique and have their own interests, hobbies, desires etc. Such an understanding can bring the relationship back on the track once again.