Being Single!! Curse or Blessing?

Being Single
Being Single
Being Single

Whether being single is awesome or being married is a blessing, largely depends upon the individual. There are many who are single and keep thinking to themselves if getting married would have been a better choice. There are many who are married and keep regretting of being so.

The blessings of being single

  • You are independent: When you are not married, you are actually independent. You can make your own decisions without even considering how it would affect people associated with you. When you will look at your friends who are married, when they plan to go for a vacation, they really need to prepare well because of children. When it comes to you, all that is needed is to get the tickets booked, pack up a few clothes and a few essentials and push off.
  • You are not responsible for many other people: When you are single your act would not affect the lives of many other people. Therefore you don’t have to take responsibility of many others.
  • You can enjoy life: You can actually do whatever you want to because you have no one to stop you. You can enjoy life to its fullest and make all the expenditures on yourself. You will not be burdened with the thought of retirement or people around you falling ill and hence you need to prepare monetarily for them.
  • More options: You have a number of options available

The curse of being single

  • Have all but had no one: This is how you will feel when you will be at emotional low of life. You may have a number of friends, but, they will all be away from you because they don’t belong to you. And then you may think of having someone who could have been only yours.
  • A lot of money but no one to enjoy: The day you will get a bonus or a success, you will have all the money but no company to enjoy your achievement. Friends and colleagues will come and go leaving you behind with your loneliness.
  • Low self-esteem: Very soon you may suffer from a low self-esteem thinking that no one accepted you as a partner.
  • Regret and regret: You may keep regretting for not getting married, especially when you will see your friends and acquaintances having a full-fledged family. You may want to go back to those days when someone wanted to marry you, but, you did not agree because either you were scared or were too busy with everything else but marriage.

Remaining single could be a blessing for those who don’t want to take any additional responsibility and lose independence in life. They may observe it as an opportunity and would like o remain like that forever. For those who do not want to remain without being loved and wanted by a loving partner, it could be a pain. Therefore, it is an absolutely personal decision to remain single or to get married and experience the other phase of life too.