Can a cheating partner be forgiven?

Cheating partner
Cheating partner

Trust is the key element of a relationship, especially the one which is solely dependent upon emotional bonding. The knot is so strong on one hand that it can withstand any kind of rough waves provided the trust between the two people in a relationship is alive. On the other hand it is so soft and vulnerable that even a small incident in life can break it.

When you love a person you trust him or her completely without any doubts, in fact, that’s the rule of establishing a relationship.

At some point of time when you get to know that the trust which you had for your loved one is broken and you’re cheated upon then you get the shock of your life. From here starts a new episode in your relationship which actually forces you to think whether or not to continue with the same partner for the rest of your life.

The decision would be based upon a lot of factors. First of all, you need to investigate, if the cheating on you has been a prolonged phenomenon, meaning it has been going on behind you or it was only a spurt in a given moment. If your findings reveal that it has been a prolonged phenomenon then it’s time for you to pull up sleeves and take action accordingly.

Also, see the kind of cheating and the reason for the same. If you htink your partner has been trying to catch the bird on the tree and also the one in hand then teach him or her a lesson.

Otherwise if you think it was only a momentary cheating which had no malicious intentions of hurting you or leaving you then you can consider to be in a the relationship.

There are other factors to be looked into as well. If you have kids then getting separated will not be easy, since any decision of yours would have a great impact on your children.

However, if the mistake committed by your partner is not that grave and it has been committed for the first time, then you may think of “forgiving” him or her. This is not only for the sake of children but also for your peace and the love which you have been receiving from your partner for the last so many years.

The final decision has to come from you. Make a rational and a practical decision without compromising with what your heart asks you to do.