Can “Abortion” abort your marital relationship?

Effect of abortion
Effect of abortion
Effect of abortion

When you get to know that you’re pregnant or the spouse is pregnant, the reaction will largely depend on the current state of your relationship.

For couples who have been having a smooth and hassle free relationship, it would bring happiness galore, but for those who are not sailing smoothly it would be another cause of concern.

The news could deter the relationship, adding to the problems rather than heading for a solution.

Relationship status and Abortion

When things are not right between two people, they may not feel confident about each others role as parents. They may not assume them to be good to the kid who is likely to come. This is because somewhere they could not meet each others expectation and now they are not sure if the new born would be devoid of the other parent’s love. Under the given circumstances, they choose to drop the issue rather than letting it grow.

Could be an escapism

This kind of a decision could be escapism from the relationship itself, because they don’t want to be in this association any further. A child if comes, will only bind them together rather than allowing them to make an independent decision and this is not accepted by many. They know it very well, that many of the parents refrain themselves from getting divorced or even separated merely because of the child. With the news of pregnancy they might feel stuck and hence they want their freedom by getting rid of the same.

Aftermath effect

Irrespective of the fact who forced upon the decision of “aborting” the fetus, the impact is going to be an adverse one on both the parents.

One, who took the initiative and was vocal about it, would certainly feel down and a moral conflict will always run on his or her mind. He may find difficult to forgive himself.

The other one, who wanted to have the child but could not get a way through, would also find it difficult to forget about it, and there would be a helplessness setting in. This parent may again not be able to forgive oneself because of not having enough power mentally and otherwise to implement what he or she had wanted to.

There could be a mutual blame playing in for such a decision.

When it comes to relationship, it may fall further apart, because a decision like this is never taken with mutual consent and under happy circumstances. So, it only adds to the miserable situation instead of helping it out in any better way.

Abortion is a difficult decision for any couple, especially when they are struggling with their own marriage. There are couples who completely break after they learn news like this. Mutual respect, under confidence, love and trust go down even further after learning that one had to lose a child because of the other. Abortion leaves a mental scar by hurting the emotions and paralyses a dying relationship even further.