Can Adultery save your marriage?


A relationship which is beyond the marital bond wherein emotional and or physical intimacy is established between two people is called “adultery”. In many cases it has been observed that the husband and wife have a beautiful relationship between the two of them, they enjoyed every minute of their company yet suddenly one might go out of the relationship and have an affair. It is quite surprising for such people who are sailing smooth in their life and have no hassles with their existing partner to have an affair. Of course for those who are going through a rocking marital status it can be quite expected.

Here, the first thing which needs to be done is to introspect and find out the reasons for adultery. One has to understand and ask “why my partner went for an extramarital affair?”

Now, the probable answers could be “he was feeling trapped in the relationship or he was getting bored and complacent too so he wanted a new spice in his life or it was just for the sake of fun and change.”

There are ways to look at the issue. If you think your partner has always been dedicated for the relationship and has always valued you or anything between two of you then you may think of forgiving him and marching ahead in life. Remember he is a human being, today if he has gone wrong tomorrow it could be your turn as well.

Understand his boredom and thought process as he probably did not want to cheat upon you, he just wanted to take a break for some time. For all you know he might not even have realized that he is falling for someone else. Before he could relate this he was already ahead in it and had very little to do. SO at this juncture you can help him coming out of it and establishing the lost love between two of you. You can press the start button anytime in life provided you know that your spouse is still a soul mate and not a companion.

The consequence of “adultery” should always not be divorce because it will damage him and you both. It would be a punishment bigger than the mistake he made.

Hence, you can sit back and think of reviving the relationship all over again; believe it or not there can be nothing better than achieving the same old warmth and love which you had before.