Can kids of divorce have happy marriages?

Divorce kids happy marriages

25th August: Is it true that kids of divorce can have happy marriages as compared to their parents or is it just a myth?

Well, to find an answer, we need to ponder over the findings of a latest research.

According to a research, kids of divorced parents may grow up to have happier marriages.

Happy marriages for divorced parents’ children–The research seems to come in as a big surprise since a common notion has been that kids whose parents have divorced do share an almost similar fate in terms of marriage.

Several studies have, for long, been saying that divorces end up in long-term effects on the children. In some children, divorce may lead to unhappy marriages for the kids as well. However, in other cases, it may instill the faith to make up for happier marriages of kids of divorce.

Happier Stepfamilies–And the study by Pew Research Centre suggests a ray of optimism for kids after divorce in the form of happier stepfamilies. So, the gist suggested by the research is that a happy reunion of parents in their second marriage can prove to be a big boon for the kids’ marriages.

The research findings based on the lives of 2,691 adults showed that nearly 70 percent of survey respondents living with step-relatives expressed high satisfaction levels with their family life. And the point that became clear was that positive bonding of a parent with a stepparent might help step kids lives.

Around 60 percent of kids having grown up in stepfamilies admitted of having happier marriages than their biological parents.

Happy remarriage must for divorced parents—Children of divorce can look forward to happy marriages provided their divorced parents take the initiative to remarry. And another foundation for a happy union of kids of divorce is that their parents’ second marriage is a happy one. Only then can the children of divorce come to know that a good marriage means a happy union.

Although, nothing is guaranteed in either love or life, but, the study seems to highlight a point that step kids might be learning positive things from a loving bond between a parent and a stepparent. And this is something to celebrate about.Divorce kids happy marriages