Can open relationship be as successful as marriage?

committed or not

When Susie attended the party of her best friend, Joe checked her out and got introduced. Later, he sent her a message asking for a coffee to know each other well, ‘Let’s go for a coffee tomorrow. We could know each other too well and have fun. Well, if that matters, I am in an open relationship, that might not be an issue then’.

committed or not Open relationships are everywhere, among every second couple. Knowing someone in just an acquaintance and going out with the person who already has a steady partner is much common nowadays among people looking out o have fun and spend time. However, the obvious question that arises is on the credibility of these open relationships. Over the years, the number of people in open relationships has been ever increasing.

Open relationships though have demerits and setbacks along with it, can never be as successful as marriage is. It is because of different factors which come in between both the partners. A person with a steady partner looking for an open relationship gradually tends to have difference with the partner and issues and fights with the partner.

A marriage is a steady and secured institution and relationship with partners attached for lifetime and committed to love. However, in an open relationship, there is not security as it tends to break away after a short time period. It is true that after a few drinks, coffees, night outs or dates, the fun among the partners dies away and they are left back to their steady partners. There is also the jealousy factor by the steady partners which may crop up and cause problem for both the partners.

The open relationship concept has seen a lot of unwelcome attitude from American society of late. Many singles look out for open relationships as it is a way of having fun and enjoying time with partners. Open relationships have however, not been accepted by every society and people of the societies. There are many societies where monogamy and open relationships have been looked in a negative way of infidelity among partners.

However still, with the large numbers of couples in open relationship, there are partners still who enjoy free and unattached open relationships with different people. It is though not as credible and successful in comparison to marriage, better still, a way of enjoyment and taking life with a much free sight.