Can you make your marriage better than the best?

A Happy Couple
A Happy Couple

Yes, you can is the answer to the above question. But, the million dollar question is the need of doing so and the ways to do so.

The need of making the marriage better than the best

There are stories of married couples when they run a fluent marriage, an almost flawless marriage and a happy marriage. Yet, they have realized the need of making it even better.

Many of us feel the need of reviving the same only when there is doldrums or things are not very smooth.

However, making an attempt even during golden days of a relationship is nothing but a wise thought, because, things can take turn even in seconds. And looking at the uncertainties of life, one can never be sure of anyone or anything. All one can do is to go on making an effort endlessly.

The ways to make your marriage better than the best

There are several ways though; some of them have been discussed below:

  • Keep all your channels of communication open: Never takes things for granted and stop communicating with your partner thinking that both of you share a deep understanding about each other. A small gap should also not be left in the way of communication channel.
  • Keep rekindling your relationship: Now that you have spent quite some time in your relationship, and you’re sure of your place in your partner’s life, so you need not stop making efforts of winning his or her heart. Always include small surprises, small pleasant gifts and small efforts to rekindle your relationship
  • Keep checking your act: Do not get over confident about your act, and don’t think that everything done by you would be appreciated and accepted by your spouse. Keep a check and make evaluations on your act related to the bond.
  • Can think of taking professional help: Even if things are smooth, you must think of visiting a professional expert, a marriage counsellor or a psychiatrist so that you can us stand things from third person’s view.
  • Keep appreciating your spouse: You must always make an effort to appreciate your spouse in private and public. This will encourage your relationship even more.
  • Make him or her feel important: keep on making him or her felt “most needed” in your life, this will boost his or her morale and make him or her contribute even more towards the relationship.


Even in the bets of the times, no relationship can be perfect and free of flaws. There is always a scope of improvement needed, and the two of you need to contribute equally though, one of you has to take a little more initiative

If you can make your relationship the “best”, you can also make it even better. And for this, all you need to do is shed your “complacence” because even a perfect picture can be made even better with your efforts. After all, there are marriages which have broken after years of living in the bond. So, the best is to be more cautious than to be reluctant and complacent.