Caught into an “incompatible Marriage?” Wait for the light at the end of the tunnel

An incompatible Marriage
An incompatible Marriage

Are you in a marriage which is not according to your temperament? Does it look like an “incompatible” marriage?

There are times and cases when the marriage is not according to the choice or even If it is you only realize it much later that you and your spouse are not meant for each other.

There could be circumstances which may restrict you from coming out of the marriage, so the only option you are left with is to handle the same.

The possible ways you can handle an incompatible spouse or marriage

  • Be patient: The first and foremost thing you need to handle such a marriage is to be patient and observe things around you. Your patience will pay you in the long run, and in case the marriage is not working out, there is a possibility that your spouse will realise his or her errors towards after some time.
  • Act according to the situation: Sometimes, the situation may demand your silence and sometimes it may want you to respond spontaneously. In both the cases, you must be prompt and alert to respond to the demands of the immediate situation.
  • Strike a conversation: You can think of striking a conversation it your spouse to let him or her knows about your thoughts and also about the “desire” to improve the relationship.
  • Divert yourself: Apart from thinking about ways to improve your relationship, you must think about getting your attention diverted in other relevant work. You may think of joining a “crash course” or can get involved with some NGO. Let yourself be in your normal self and so something which pleases you and solely you. Make sure that you go out on a regular basis for some work or the other and maintain a routine for this. It will help you to combat the odds in an even better way.
  • Consult an experienced person: You must take advice forma friend or a professional expert to understand the “third view” about the problem. Sometimes, people do get restricted to their own vies and justify their own act. A third opinion may turn out to be an “eye opener” for you.
  • Leave things on time: When nothing works out, you can think of leaving things on time because things do improve with time.

Light at the end of the tunnel

These efforts should be made while handling an incompatible marriage because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. And hence before crossing the tunnel one should never think of quitting. There are examples when relationships have improved with time and things have turned around between “too incompatible” couples too.

Losing hope is never a solution for any such relationship issue. Best are to make effort and ensure that things work out in your favour, rather in the favour of relationship. So wait for the right time and moment and keep making sincere efforts.