Convincing a Career Conscious Wife for having a child

Career Conscious Wife
Career Conscious Wife

Are you the husband of a career conscious wife? Is she not willing to have a child?

Do you find yourself in a difficult situation?

It is indeed challenging to husband a wife who is more conscious about her career than anything else.

Is your wife career conscious?

There are instances when you realize much later that your wife is career conscious, but, there is no harm in it and you shouldn’t be astonished about the fact that she is so.

After all, every individual has his own right to make his own choices and preferences. So, your wife too has her own rights to choose things in life and make decisions according to her own wish.

Does that mean she does not love you?

Certainly not, career is an important aspect of her life, but that surely could not be a hindrance to her love for you. So, you can be rest assured that even if she is workaholic or career oriented, she would be a “great lover”.

Is she not willing to have a child whereas you want one?

It could be so, that she is not ready to have a child right at the time when you desire one the most. But, instead of blaming her or cursing her it would take you less effort to understand her psychology. It could be so that she is at the peak of her career and she does not want to make any compromise, after all she might have had to struggle hard to achieve what she has.

What do you need to do when she disagrees to have a child?

  • You need to sit and talk to her to understand her perspective.
  • Discuss if she doesn’t want a child at the moment or she does not want it at all.
  • If it is a momentary wait for you then respect her decision and give her the space to prepare herself because sometimes, some women or even men take time to prepare themselves for taking up the responsibility of parenthood.
  • If she does not want a child at all then this could be a serious matter. You can take her to a marriage counsellor or an expert who can understand her perspective and in turn make you understand the same.

In spite of these efforts if you think she is not ready to have a child for “no reasons” at all and otherwise she is a wonderful partner then you have to prioritize if you want a child at any cost or want to live the rest of your life with this beautiful relation of yours.