Coping with the fear of second Marriage after a failed first one

Man worried about second marriage
Man worried about second marriage

Are you still carrying the fear of a failed first marriage? Are you scared to enter into the second marriage?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” then you need to relax for a while and counsel yourself before you get into a deep trouble.

Yes, it is absolutely fine to roam around with the fear of first marriage which gave you more pains than pleasures. This is the time when you are likely to get into a new relationship and hence you need to prepare yourself for a healthy partnership with a new person in life.

There could be following ways to cope with the fear of the first broken marriage:

Leave the memories behind

Gradually tell yourself that your old days are left behind and there isn’t a part of your present life any more. What had happened to you was a “bad phase” and you have already left it behind.

Past is past

The experiences which you had in the past are only an episode of your life which should never be repeated again. Walk out of the past days and step into the future making your present as calm as possible.

Have a positive thinking

Think positively about the new person in your life. He or she has made no mistake with you so he or she certainly deserves something better instead of being a part of your painful story. Enter the new relationship with a positive thought without having an iota of doubt about the future.

Begin a new era

You are about to begin a new era, so devoting yourself completely into it. A half-hearted dedication or an incomplete presence would affect your present relationship too.

Discuss your fear with your present partner

You can always express your concern and fear to your present partner and make him or her understand that sometimes if you are off, it’s not due to this person but because of your old experiences. Your new partner may help you coming out of this pain.

Overcoming the fear of a past relationship which has given you a lot of pain is not an impossible task rather something that needs a mature handling wherein you need to be careful. You have to ensure that the trailing memories of the first relationship should not be ruining your second one.