Dating with an obsessive partner may not last longer

An obsessive partner
An obsessive partner

When you start dating a person, you may realize the real qualities with time. And they may be good or not so pleasant too. This is natural, because it takes some time to understand and comprehend a personality. As it is, dating is considered to be a “flowery relationship” wherein everything begins with flowers and you come to know the realities only after you have spent some time with the person.

How do you know if your partner is obsessive?

A common feature of any dating is “constant exchange of romantic messages”. And the frequency is too high in the beginning. This is expected in most of the relationships which are spurting.

However, there are certain ways to distinguish if your partner is obsessive about you or not. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Too frequent: When these messages start coming through various sources like, text, email, phone call at the same point of time, regularly, rather without taking any break then you should get the first hint.
  • Over confirmation: If the person confirms the same thing again and again, for example “you love him or her or not, are you in the office or have you gone out”, whereas you are very much there in the office and you have informed the same and many such things which makes the person suspicious about you, then you should consider it to be a sign of obsession.
  • Highly unsecured: He or she doesn’t want to go to a social gathering, and feels highly unsecured even if you look at someone else, then you need to get alert.
  • Over dependence: the person depends on you for every small and big thing rather is not able to think beyond you then it could be an indication.

The impact of obsession

  • Many of the dates are possessive about their partners, but being obsessive is a big challenge for the other partner to handle.
  • You may find yourself too tired and may start feeling suffocated if you don’t come out of it.
  • You may not enjoy the ‘bliss” of dating a partner, because every relationship has its own boundary.
  • You may start feeling that you are suspicioned for every act of yours even if you are genuine and honest to your partner.
  • You may not get a room to yourself and may find that you have to get separated from the rest of the world.

The longevity of such a date

It goes without saying that a relationship wherein obsession takes over possession, would find it difficult to “pull” itself in the long run. So, one may have to come out of it no sooner than later. And this kind of a step is taken merely due to “suffocation” and nothing else.

To sum up, we can always say that, everyone likes to be doted by our partner, but when it becomes a pain rather than a pleasure, it takes away the happiness from life and forces one to move apart.