Dealing with a jealous spouse

A jealous couple
A jealous couple

Love is the biggest bond of a relationship. It holds two individuals together and makes them stay united forever. When you start a relationship you are not aware of the individual’s behavioral pattern completely. With time you may find your partner to be more loving and a simple person form whet you had thought of. On the other hand you may find him or her to be a little different from your expectations.

Out of various characters you may find your partner to be “jealous” about every possible thing. It could be irritating to deal with a partner who is always jealous about anything you do. At the same time, instead of getting irritated you have the option of understanding the basic problem rather than judging things by observing the surface of the problem. There could be deeper meanings and issues behind a given expression of a person.

Causes of being jealous

  • Your spouse could be unsecured.
  • There may be a feeling of resentment.
  • It could be the result of discontentment too.
  • The person might have had bitter experiences in the past.
  • All his desires were not fulfilled and he is not trained to take setbacks.
  • He hasn’t received enough affection from people around him especially during childhood.

Best way of dealing

As a loving and concerned partner you must always follow a few tips to handle such a partner.


Keep reassuring him or her that you are only meant for that person and no one else.

Keep in touch

Even if you are in the office or somewhere else, you must always keep in touch so that he or she knows that you are there in his thoughts and he has not forgotten you.

Converse and Communicate

Think of comfortable ways to start a conversation with your loved one. Do not make it too obvious that you are going to raise the issue of “jealousy” in your conversation. Gradually take things out of his mind and understand the actual reasons for his fear and anxiety. Be a patient listener and non judgemental so that the other person feels confident and comfortable to express himself or herself.

All the relationships have their own set of demands and adjustments. Running away from them can never be a solution. Hence the best is to think of ways to sort them out so that you succeed as a partner and your relationship gets healthier.