Dealing with a spouse suffering in silence

Handling a silent spouse
Handling a silent spouse

You marry a person with a promise to yourself that you will do everything possible on this earth to make your spouse happy. Every day, when you get up, you start thinking of new ways to bring a smile on your spouse’s face.  Your spouse also reciprocates to your efforts. There is a mutual sharing of every development in life through words. You always find your partner to be quite vibrant and talkative.

There might be a time in life when you see suddenly see your partner getting silent and silent. Your loved one, who had been sharing every possible thing with you, has suddenly stopped to realize your presence. He or she prefers to spend time alone, neither with you nor with anyone else. You worries start from here. Even if you make an attempt to converse your efforts go in vain. You start giving up hope, but understand carefully if you should actually do so or try to get at the bottom of your spouse’s pain.

When you notice that your spouse is becoming non-conversant and gradually silent than ever before then take it is an alarm. Try out different ways to reach her mind and heart. Think of organizing a trip so that only both of you together can spend time and you can regain the same confidence which your loved one had in you. It is quite possible that in the process of meeting the daily targets somewhere she or he has slipped out of your hand. Bringing things back on track is your moral responsibility.

There is also a possibility that you’re not responsible for the silence, it could be someone else. It could be the boss or another person who has impacted your partner’s mind. It could even be an incident. Make every possible effort to know the exact reason of his or her silence.

If you do not succeed then you must take a professional help. In such cases there is a probability of some amount of mental illness for which immediate help is needed, before the matter gets worse.

Always understand that your spouse is not sick, its only illness which needs your emotional support and a little bit of professional guidance. Your love and attention can be the biggest medicine for you to get the same vibrant, old partner.