Dealing with live-in relationship problems

Problems in live in relationship

12th March: Live-in relationships are becoming quite common now days.

Couples want to ensure whether they are compatible for entering into a marriage relationship or not. So, they are considering live-in relationships as a means for checking it before taking wedding vows.

Problems in live in relationship
Problems in live in relationship

Live-in relationships—These days, more and more young individuals are choosing live-in relationships, especially in metro cities. No wonder, there has been a significant increase in the number of couples opting for live-in relationships. But live-in relationships do have their own set of issues or problems. So, let us see here some common issues pertaining to live-in relationships.

  • Money/financial issues—Its one of the common problem faced by couples in a live-in relationship. When a partner in a live-in relationship spends money, the other partner is tend to get upset. However, the way to deal with such issues is to pool your finances or financial assets together. And both the partners need to take out only the money needed for the basic necessities like food, rent, groceries and other such things. So, the remaining amount or funds should be invested and divided equally between both the partners.
  • Trust—Mutual trust or faith is the basic requirement for any relationship to survive and thrive. And this is true even for a live-in relationship. So, it is necessary for both you and your partner to have trust and faith on each other. Any relationship without faith or trust is going to end sooner or later.
  • Commitment—Insecurity may be felt by either of the two partners in a live-in relationship. That’s because a live-in relationship is not considered to be a commitment. So, it is quite natural for a partner to feel insecure due to lack of commitment in a live-in relationship.
  • Space—Every individual needs personal space for development. And this holds true even in a live-in relationship. One of the common reason why most of the young people seem to avoid getting married and rather opting for live-in relationship is because a marriage seems to restrict personal freedom. And a live-in relationship not allowing personal space to either of the partner is going to face problems. So, give space to your partner.
  • Household work—Any couple in a live-in relationship can feel that the household work is divided unevenly among them. Hence, it is best to talk with your partner to decide about different household tasks to share your responsibility equally.