Do relationship doubts affect divorce rates?


relationship doubtsStudies indicate that relationship doubts have a connection with divorce rates. Some reports reveal that subconscious relationship doubts that people have regarding each other after marriage help decide whether they will be able to stay together forever.

How relationship doubts affect a marriage or divorce?

People who have more subconscious trouble are more prone to divorce compared to those who feel more positive about their relationship. These automatic subconscious thoughts about relationship can have implications on married life. Any negative automatic doubt which comes into one’s mind during the early stage of a relationship is more likely to create problems later on.

A test designed by experts reveal a relation between subconscious relationship doubts and rate of divorce. Psychologists say that the feelings that people have about their spouses soon after their marriage predicts the fate of their relation.

Finding a way out of these doubts:

There are always ups and downs in any relation which is long-term. There are instances when you feel like spending less time at home and spending more time out with your beloved one. At times you also feel less excited and nothing seems to go in the right way.

Most of this happens due to relationship problems. If you find yourself constantly feeling that you need more time for yourself, it is time to think whether your relationship needs a second thought. You might need to make some changes within your relationship or you need to move out of the same completely.

Counseling could be of great help as suggested by some experts. Professional advice can help one to work through doubt problems in the relationships. Though it is not sure whether strengthening the positive associations between spouses would actually save a relationship.

It is obvious if you have doubts in your mind after tying the knot, you should put things on hold before taking a major decision. Marital confidence is an essence of continuation of a marital bond. To achieve that one should communicate with his or her spouse and work out the issues, if any.

How confident couples were while deciding to get married and how confident they are right now after marriage, makes a lot of difference. The first few years of marriage are the most vital as most divorces occur during those years. The change from being single to being married often creates feelings of anxiety in one’s mind. During this period many people experience lot of doubts about their relationship. Some practical guidance can help to mitigate such doubts and can make the relation going.

Always remember that you are not alone in your situation. Do not feel hopeless. A little work out can get you out of these problems.