Do women need to take permission from their husband for every move?

Women depending on men
Women depending on men
Women depending on men

Since ages women have been requiring permission from her husband for every single decision she makes in her life. With growing trend, Women started becoming educated and even more independent and this gave her the confidence to lead a life on her own.

The concept of male dominating society

The society has been dominated by male members of the family, when most of the times, even before cooking food woman keep her husband’s priority in mind.

However, this can also be observed as “sacrifice”, but this is again taken for granted by the male members.

There was a time when women had little exposure because there was a lack of education and awareness. And all this led to dependence and controlled life style. It also gave an edge to men finally leading to a social structure which had enormous amount of gender disparity. As a result women had little or no scope to live independently.

The norms in a few religions

Every religion has a definite set of rules, both for men and women. On one hand there is mention of reserving rights of every individual, but on the other there are some wherein the rights of men are restricted. Even in Islam too, the experts opine that women are not supposed to either talk or go out of the house or do any such activity on their own, unless they are permitted by their husbands.

The changing trend

With the growth of society, women started becoming educated, aware and hence self-dependent. They started knowing about their rights and also began to fight for one. Earlier where they never spoke about their wish, now they began to do so.

This is the era when a woman is allowed to make a decision on her own, work and mingle with people of her own choice and interact the way she wants to. Probably this change in the trend is the sole reason behind advancement of the society.

Miles to walk

There are developed countries wherein women have an independent life style whereas there are countries where women still have to live a compromised life. They still have to live with a system where the husband is allowed to get into polygamy lawfully but she has to be honest to him. It seems so that there are two different worlds where woman even goes to space for the knowledge she has acquired, and there is this society where woman can’t even interact with someone other than her spouse.

A woman is also an individual who has every right to live life on her own conditions, and as per her own wish, so taking permission from even her husband does not arise. But, if there is a mutual respect where both have equal status and equal right they can always do so. In an era where woman has proven her strength and have earned enough name for her, depending on a male figure would make a bleak sense.