Does Counseling Help to Save a Marriage?


marriage counseling save marriageCounseling is something which can save a marriage from breaking up. Often a situation arises where one can either attend therapy or get a divorce.

How does marriage counseling help?

Marriage counseling is a kind of psychotherapy. It helps couples to resolve their personal conflicts and improve their relationships. It is an effective tool to avoid a break up.

By virtue of marriage counseling, one can take decisions regarding maintaining a relationship or going for a break up.

Marriage counseling is given by professional therapists called marriage therapists. These therapists have professional degrees and are experts in the field.

Marriage counseling is usually of short duration. It includes both the spouses but at times one spouse chooses to go for counseling alone. The treatment plan depends upon the circumstances.The counselor gives equal time and attention to both the spouses.

Marriage counseling is an effort to solve or reconcile differences and distress in the relation between couples.

Counseling adds  strength to their relationship. The counselor makes the couple aware of system of interaction and communication in their relationship. They aim to replace unhelpful patterns with the helpful ones.

The counselor also helps the couple to positively interact with each other and as a result add strength to their relationship. The counselor gives equal time and attention to both the spouses.

Advantages of counseling:

Marriage counseling normally gives positive results. Research states that marriage counseling is more effective than moving without counseling.

Marriage counseling helps couples to adjust to different stages of marriage, starting from newly married couple to those with kids and also with adolescent children.  Every stage of life has different effects on the couple.

Common areas where couples need counseling are lack of communication, financial issues, parenting, household chores, relation with other family members, friends, etc.

A marriage and family counselor having work experience with hundreds of couples can give positive results when each spouse is willing to work on the marriage.

Is the process effective?

The theory of marriage counseling has been studied a lot now-a-days. Some studies state that marriage counseling is not very effective and women get the benefits  more  than men. But many people are of the opinion that counseling has a lasting effect on the marital relation between couples. As a generalized view we can say that going for marriage counseling before problems go to  the last stage is advantageous for a marriage.