Does motherhood restrict a woman from getting divorced?

Giving Priority to motherhood
Giving Priority to motherhood
Giving Priority to motherhood

In a recent survey it has been observed that more than 60% women do not want to divorce their husband because they have children and they understand that it would have an adverse impact on them. However, a large number of women taking up this survey were found to be involved with someone else, marking a clear case of infidelity.

What makes such mothers get into infidelity?

There are women who understand their responsibility towards their children quite well and want to keep the family intact by not getting divorced. But, the catch is that many of them get into another relationship even if it is for a brief period of time to get a fresh feeling or may be to get back to the same relationship with a new zeal and zest.

Does cheating actually help to get back to the relationship?

As long as it is not intended to harm anyone, it may, because one is only doing out of ignorance and negligence coming rom her spouse. And in spite of getting an opportunity to break off if she does not want to do, it shows her dedication and sense of responsibility towards her child or children. The period she is involved with someone else, she sometimes gets a new set of attention from this new person which gives her confidence and helps her to revive.

Is motherhood the biggest consideration for not dissolving the marriage?

Yes, a big yes because for women her children re the dearest and when she takes any decision in life she first evaluates the effect or impact the decision would have on her children. She possesses them, she is obsessed about them and hence she does not want to make their life unsecured and lost. She understands that the man who is not honest or loving to her is the father of her children and they need both the parents. The meaningful presence of both father and mother is necessary for a healthy growing up and a happy childhood. When she considers all this, she revokes the decision of getting divorced no matter how disturbing the marital bond is.

Does she keep sticking to it?

She does till the extent she can, because there is a limit to her patience too. She makes all possible effort to resolve the issues and live with this relationship which is not giving her adequate satisfaction, but all she is more concerned about is her children.

In spite of not having a sound relationship with her spouse, she still bears the capacity to carry with her marriage because she does not want her children to suffer. She wants to give them a happy and complete life and hence even if she feels attracted towards a new person in life, she considers the thought of breaking off only at the end when there is no other option left. And hence she always seems to be giving priority to her motherhood and the associated responsibilities.