Does your boyfriend make a lot of fuss?

Fussy Boyfriend

Do you have a fussy boy-friend? Does he make a noise about everything you do?

Yes, this is a common story of girls who fall for a man without reading him properly. They make a superficial judgement and they fall in love for them.

How do you know that your boy-friend is fussy?

You never realized about it when you started the relationship. It is only later when you are deeply involved with him; you realize that he has the habit of creating fuss about most of the things and people around.

And you understood it when you wore a blue gown but he wanted you wear a “deep blue one”, but he never communicated the same to you. Now, he dislikes it and him ruins the whole evening on the issue on dress colour. There could nothing more depressing than this.

He wanted to have an Italian dish but you preferred a Chinese one. He won’t place orders separately rather he wants you to have the same food as him. If you say he creates a fuss.

What could it mean for the relationship?

Even if you get too optimistic and take a pledge that you would cope up with his fuss, you may tolerate it till the time you hold enough patience. There will be an instance or a day when you will lose your control on yourself and hence would fail to bear with him.

This has a direct impact on your relationship and on your personality too. You may not feel comfortable with him all the time and you may think of coming out of the bond.

You may find yourself turning into a personality wherein you are always calculating about his mood and approvals. And this will take the joy out of the relationship.

How would you handle the issue?

You can always talk to him after a certain point of time you have been tolerating the fuss. You can let him know that it gets quite scary for you to even speak to him because you are never sure about his likes and dislikes.

You may go on counselling your partner, and can even move to a consultant or a psychologist who can help you out.

In spite of making these many efforts if you don’t see any effective results then there is no harm expressing your displeasure to him and you can also inform him that you won’t be able to carry on for a long if things conitue this way.

“Likes and dsilikes” are two integral part of personality, however, if they start ruling and ruining a relationship or a person then theymay turn out to fatal. Someone who is tolerating fuss would not do so for a long time. Somebody who is getting too fussy should relaizemuch before he loses a relationship. The fuss should not be a reason to lose a person so, the expert advice is to check and take corrective measures before it gets too late.