Does your ego speak over your true self?



Ego is an inevitable part of a self-conscious person; it is just that the quantities of ego vary from person to person. Ego in small measure is often termed as self-pride is important for your personality, but if nurtured in large amounts it could be self-destructive and start of an unhealthy relationship. It comes from the conscious part of a person which is indulged in self-safety, survival,interest, acceptance and importance, thereby keeping self above all the interpersonal relationships, people and things.


Signs: whether your ego is on the driving seat?

  • You want more and best of everything you desire. Oil to your ego is thought that you would run out of your most prized possessions.
  • Despite of no lying or infidelity the words that “I am right, has led to a number of cases of relationship issues among spouses. Not having an open discussion, rather bullying your spouse with your judgments and decisions is one of the main reasons of compatibility issues.
  • Ego from fear of survival is most dangerous , it instills a continuous sense of stress and tensions in self which might overflow and evenrupture your family bonding
  • The pleasure of fun slowly dies off, and you follow the track of seriousness. Rather than enjoying the positives your ego insists you to focus and collect the negatives.
  • Although achievement and success are important for self-confidence and realization, there should be healthy spirit of competition and any failures embedding hatred and grudge inside you against others could be a sign of dangerous ego.

To counter the increasing Ego

  • To overcome, don’t let worldly things go over your head, instead appreciate everything you have and show gratitude for it. Also, lend your help to other with all possible ways, you will feel satisfied.
  • To have a healthy relationship it is important to be open-minded and have the patience to hear your partner’s opinion, decide considering all pros and cons.keeping your relationship above self and loving unconditionally is a sure shot way of rebuilding trust of your family.
  • Accept thoughts of others in a manner you want yours to be accepted. Respecting the differences and working towards a unified thought might curb the presence of ego inside you.
  • Live with the present; regrets over the past and tension of the future are nothing but folly. Be happy with the present and enjoy every bit of it. Don’t nurture your ego in the shade of fear but let it perish with your courage.
  • Give your thoughts a spiritual touch, meditate and connect with your self-conscience to realize there is much more things to focus upon than self.

There is one life and it’s beautiful. Too much of self-indulgence takes you away from enjoying the finest pleasures of life. Shun your ego and make room for happiness to come inside you.