Domestic Violence Unit to be formed by Thunder Bay Police

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

Victims of Domestic Violence are likely to get a little relief from the abuse they have been facing.The announcement

Chief JP Levesque announced quite recently about setting up a “Domestic Violence Unit” after the proposals made by various agencies looking into the issue of women abuse.

A report suggests that almost 15% of the cases reported with Thunder Bay Police, represent the reason as domestic violence.

Levesque also informed that 2 police officers can spend a maximum of 8 hours for every call.

The functioning of the Unit

The new unit would be recreated from the existing one called Focus Enforcement Unit. And this unit is created after learning the growing atrocities against women folk in the area.

Once a case is reported on domestic violence, 2 officers can prepare a report on the same. A team can vigil the violence after getting an idea from the report. The team would be made up of 5 members who would also be responsible for following up after the case has been reported and studied.

Tapes and videos will be maintained of the interview conducted by the investigating team.

The importance of the Initiative

Levesque informs that these changes are a part of community policing. He also opines that the cases against domestic violence need to be investigated thoroughly. The Department observes this as one of the major responsibilities rather than observing it as any other agency’s responsibility.

The changes are welcomed by various groups and everyone feels this as the need of the hour.

An official expresses her content feelings on the development and finds the changes to be in accordance with need felt by many women in the country.

The previous data

In the past, the Department has received as many as more than 3,000 cases. And unfortunately, many of these cases were reported by the same victim again and again. In the last couple of years the number of people being victimized has been increasing rapidly.

According to a report almost 30% of the women face abuse or violence in some form or the other. However, only 10% of the women seem to be reporting the issue with police.

The advantages of the Unit

Looking at the scenario of number of violence against women and the number of cases reported to the police, it is not a hard thing to understand the importance of setting up such a unit. Now, the women would feel more comfortable and confident than before to report and abuse against them. With a special team and separate unit allotted for this issue, women will have a better forum to express themselves.

To summarize, we can always say, that Police Department needs to come up with better measures to protect women and their rights, and this is the need of the hour. Following up a domestic case and ensuring that that victim is protected is certainly a mammoth task and a huge responsibility for the department.