Express your love through financial matters to your spouse

Financially Happy Couple
Financially Happy Couple
Financially Happy Couple

A survey conducted on the reasons behind the failure of a relationship indicates that “distrust and finances” top the list. And it is not surprising to see that most of the marital bonds dissolve either due to “cheating” caused by any of the partners or due to issues on “monetary front”.

So, if this is the case then a couple has to ensure that apart from being honest to their partners they have to tie the loose ends on money matters.

There are certain ways to make an improvement on your finances:

Keeping your spouse informed:

It is very important that you keep your spouse informed about the real status of your finances, before you get married. This will save you from hearing that “I wish I would have known before”. You may conceal certain things or forget to share certain facts about yourself especially on money front, but later when your partner comes to know about it she or he may feel that you did it intentionally. This could be heart-breaking for your partner as it would come suddenly to him or her.

Working on your credit score:

In case you bear an unhealthy credit score then you must make sure that all your efforts are directed towards repairing the same. If you don’t do so, your partner may dread of sharing the burden which will actually turn out to be sour in the future. After all, if she or he has been very particular about his or her score then it would again create a gap between your efforts and your spouse’s planning. So be careful about this and start repairing it on your own as soon as possible.

Plan your savings:

Your partner must get the right kind of message that you are planning for your future and even any kind of exigencies coming your way in the present. This will make your spouse feel confident about being with you. She or he will know that you are a person who do take precautions bout future and is a planned personality.

Plan your retirement;

Your spouse must be aware that you are planning your retirement so that both of you need not depend upon anyone else and can live your retirement days with pride and happiness. This will let her feel secured and also proud to be with you, and will also free both of you from a series of worries.

Finances can make or break a relationship is true to a large extent. There have been instances when people have left an association merely because the partner did not do well financially or could not provide enough to the even meet the basic needs of the spouse. After all, one would like to get associated with a person who is planned, free of any debt and has a strong planning in his or her mind with the correct utilisation of money. In the absence of all this a relationship may crumble.